the (un)connected.

I’m writing this post in defence of those whose lives unfold in majestic privacy, while others crave views, mentions, clicks, and likes.

To those who can watch the rainfall in awe, while others pose, pretend, and stage the perfect shot.

To those who feel and know what it’s like to read and daydream, looking at nothing, but seeing all in the mind.

Those who look with clear and candid eyes, whose faces shine with bright emotion, whose sentences may be few and far between

but rarely begin with ‘I’.

P.S. The best thing about You is that You do not need any patronising defence online, because you’re happy with whatever you’re doing anyway. ;-)


Just a reminder.

We live through unforgettable moments, without devices documenting.

Enjoy great meals, make unique romantic proposals, have babies, experience lucid moments, fascinating insights, and love, even when no one’s there to troll, to share, or to comment.

Yes. You were there, even if no selfie was ever taken to prove it.

Empathy, knowledge, truth, and love – they all exist, even if no one ‘Liked’, ‘Re-Pinned’, or ‘Retweeted’.

You and I. A unique moment in time.

Just a reminder.


just a reminder.

Animal Hybrids – Animators, Animals, and ELT

Each remaining English class at Film School Zlín (closing down in summer) is a blessing for me. I try to treasure it with my whole heart and I’m blessed with students who actually make it very easy.

My first year animation students had a trip to the great Zlín ZOO last week to observe and draw animals. There was no English class, as they were spending the whole day there. Having heard about the planned trip the previous week, I decided to do a class on the natural world, making the lesson, as well as the upcoming trip, relevant to both English and animation. We spent some time at the end of the lesson discussing the possibility of creating animal hybrids – a unique cross of any two species, with special qualities inherited from the parent species, with unique features.

The students left the class with a form, which you can see below, so that they could use it for observations in the ZOO and create their own animal hybrid, with detailed description and, hopefully, a drawing. I was hoping it would inspire them, but I had no idea what I would end up getting back.

Thanks to my students’ wonderful creativity, perceptiveness and love of drawing, the result exceeded all my expectations.

What follows are a few examples of what I got from them today. We spent two hours comparing, discussing and being entertained by these, making up stories, adding weird and wonderful details to each creature’s characteristic.

To quietly observe the inspiration flowing freely in the classroom was one of the main reasons why I love what I do.  Two weeks ago, it was a simple idea. Thanks to my students’ love of what they do, this is what it has grown into:

RISH -- Rattus cyprinus

RISH - Description

TIGLE -- Tigris accipitrida

BEECAT -- Apoidea felis

OCTOFFE -- Octoffe erectus

OCTOFFE - Description

SNORSE --Serpentes ferus

SNORSE - Description

NOCERON -- Rhinocerotidae leo hominini

Thanks, everyone! Can’t wait to see more marvels from you;)