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few things in life could bring a more persistent feeling of sorrow and doubt than realizations about missed opportunities. wasted potential. wasted days. wasted time.

how many times have i heard the words of wisdom, encouragement, threat, or just plain and simple truth that the time, powers and capacity for making things won’t last forever.

talent needs time, nourishment, careful and meticulous care, consistent attention. wasted moments are those when we don’t look after our selves and our talents. losing a connection with one’s true self is like disappearing. neither here, nor there.

opportunities present themselves always. there’s no blind reward scheme for luck. what looks like pure luck is at core readiness to accept possibilities as they present themselves. they are everywhere, hidden if we’re careless, but blossoming out beautifully like snowdrops in spring when we pay attention.

it takes time to do things now.

time is all it takes.

time and your self.

p.s. written as a little “rant” on behalf of some of my students who seemed to have lost their belief in doing things for themselves ;-)


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