E-elt and 33

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the journey begins here:

i’ve decided to become a more connected, more effective and more inspired English teacher.

thanks to the overwhelmingly influential world of web2.0 – although not fully understood or utilised yet – we don’t need to travel or leave the comfort of the home or office anymore. all the brilliant inspiration, action and information is available right here, wherever and whenever in the world it might be.

while i’m doing my first steps on the virtual e-way, see my ESP blog and Twitter account, the flagships of my endeavours, i feel a little cautious about the one negative side-effect it’s having: the ever-widening devide between the Web “haves” and “have nots”.

nevertheless, one can’t but admire the pioneering minds that drive this incredible movement forward.

what will it all bring in the long run, positives or negatives? can it improve the critical state of affairs worldwide with ecosystems threatened, human rights ignored, wealth and opportunity unequally distributed and E-waste piling up, to name but a few?

the world has changed a lot since i started my journey in elt and i’m not THAT old (33, fyi).

33 is an age that bears a lot of weight. in biblical times, men were considered fully mature only after they’ve reached 33. jesus was crucified at 33. it’s half-way towards 66 and quarter of the way towards 99.

so this is where the world and i are now.

whatever happens next, today feels great again, with opportunities, freedoms, collaboration and ideas shared online in a way never seen before.

whatever the outcome, it’s great to be here, realising the potential for good.

hope at 66, and perhaps at 99 too, i’ll look back to the present moment with warmth and great feeling of achievement.

i really do.


5 Comments on “E-elt and 33”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Marián Steiner, Marián Steiner. Marián Steiner said: just posted a little reflective entry in my "intimate" personal #ELT blog https://eltideas.wordpress.com/2010/04/23/33/ "ELT, E-life & 33" […]


  2. I found you:)
    you have a very nice blog here!
    I will be reading you from now on:)
    Good luck!


    • What a pleasant surprise, Mirella!
      I’m very glad you’ve found me;)
      didn’t really think about giving you the link to my blog, as I thought it wasn’t really in your field, but I was really pleased to have found yours:)
      I’ve only just made a couple of first hesitant steps in the “blogosphere” and already feel it has improved my experience a lot.
      Will be very glad if you find my posts interesting, in spite of the fact at my posts mainly reflect my experiences as a non-native English language teacher.
      Have a good day and I’ll be reading you as well;)


  3. I see why you thought that your blog might not be in my field, but reading your post made me see how much in common we have.
    I am going through this phase where I am evaluating where in life I am right now, and where I am going.
    I loved the age thing you played around: 33 and 66 and 99.

    When I feel old, I remind myself that I still have to live at least more than half the time I already spend on earth.
    My grandfather lived till 110.
    So everything is possible!

    I want to share another tip with you, when you leave a comment on someone’s else blog make sure that your name or picture will lead to your blog, so people will click to go to your website.
    This is how you make friends and fan of your blog.
    Most of people found me through the comments I left on other people’s blog.
    You can never tell what make people want to read you; it can be something you said or they trust your look in the pictures, or people who identify with your situation…
    have a great day Marian!


    • It feels great to find another lovely comment from you after my evening classes, Mirella – thank you so much!
      Plus, I finally worked out how to make my profile name “clickable”. Thanks to your feedback I looked and looked again until I finally realised how to do it and although it doesn’t seem to be working retrospectively on my older comments, all should be.. as it should be:), from now on.
      I agree with you absolutely. I love it when personality comes out of someone’s “virtual presence” in such a way that you feel a certain sympathy or a connection, regardless of the subject matter. That alone is worth blogging for.
      It’s what I felt from your posts when I came across your blog, so I decided to comment.
      I wish you a great day (or night) too, Mirella, and I’m looking forward to reading you:)


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