When I was “boring myself”

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i really was. this isn’t an example of incorrect usage of the phrase “be bored”. this is what it felt like when my ELT experience had lost ‘the juice’ of enjoyment and routine had set in.

i resorted to the required minimum, worked on autopilot, and, what was worst, everyone went along with it. no one seemed to care.

no alarms and no surprises (please).

it went on for some time, then it became a norm.

i found myself yawning inside my own head, while wearing (literally) my interested face, listening to some students’ dialogue for an N-th time, asking those bland questions about the weekend, presupposing their mistakes with cold accuracy.

i’ve seen it many times. failing to ignite any interest in my own work, i saw the same bland look in their eyes, perfectly mirroring mine…

What a horrible, horrible dream it was…..


4 Comments on “When I was “boring myself””

  1. I am glad it was a dream (or nightmare:)
    I hope your life will always be filled with excitement, and that you will always enjoy what you do:)


    • So you read it till the end!:)
      Thank you Mirella for the lovely comment – I do love my EFL job and wouldn’t change it for the world, so I should be fine;) In any case, it’s good to be reminded about how it could be and value the positives, even though it’s in this semi-fictional manner.


  2. What happened next?


    • You’re right, Luke – I’d like to continue this when I get back after the weekend spent in the Slovakian mountains (with some Z and friends from Poland, too:)).
      Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by.


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