An early morning walk

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went for a regular walk with my dog in an early misty spring morning, into the nearby forest. all was humid, with lush green leaves and fresh grass, tree trunks blackened with glazing dampness, the footpath through the wood soft and muddy

then this little fellow caught my eye with his fancy yellow blots and shiny black leathery skin

Salamander salamander, Fire Salamander or salamandra škvrnitá in Slovak, a beautiful, endangered amphibian that can live up to 20 years (in captivity for up to 50, apparently) and lives in deciduous forests only by the cleanest fresh water brooks

it was enjoying an earthworm (sorry, i did my best focusing with my phone camera, but rather failed)

i watched it for a while, then moved on

seeing one is considered lucky. they spend most of the day hidden away in darkness under the foliage and come out only in the evening and night. on wet, rainy days, they sometimes come out during the day, too, to feast on earthworms.

this was a good morning to be active for a salamander

one of the rewards of having a dog is that i don’t measure my walks into the nearby woods according to will or weather anymore. i go every day, early morning, before going to classes, sometimes for an hour, sometimes for two, then later in the afternoon for another round.

i feel healthier, calmer, having fresher mind in classes during the day. i feel connected.

not sure if i would find it in myself to have such regular lifestyle without my dog.

a small tribute to this warmhearted, unassuming creature, keeping me away from my own idleness


14 Comments on “An early morning walk”

  1. Lovely photos, what a great start to the day!


  2. David says:

    Ahoj Marian,

    Wow, that “green” photo is a keeper. Pekna, pekna….

    Thanks for bringing back memories for me – my own morning runs through the forests around Karlovy Vary. Taught there for years.



    • Ahoj David,
      what a surprise! Glad you enjoyed these. Been living in Zlin, South Moravia for three years now and feel very lucky to have these woods 5 minutes from where I live. Why not to make the most of it :)


  3. Ahoj Marian

    Lovely pictures and nice-looking faithful companion! I enjoy daily walks with my 3 dogs in the surrounding countryside and can associate with what you have written here. Thanks a lot.



    • Ahoj Janet,
      three dogs! Sounds like three times the joy! Would love to see them, have you got a picture somewhere?
      Art is a great companion, indeed. A puppy really, only 10 months old, so I still get moments when I need to remind myself of all the wonderful benefits that having him brings:) It’s part of the joy.


      • Ahoj Marian

        Yes, 3 dogs are indeed a great joy. I have never liked dogs, I must confess, but my mind has been changed by these 3. I have written about them on this post here @ when they got up to a bit of mischief with the new chickens! Kelly was a stray dog (English Setter) and now he is well and truly one of the family. Isabella and Sofia are 2 sisters, and they are “Pastore Abruzzese” breed, from the Abruzzo region. We had them as puppies, so I was able to gradually get to know them and realize that dogs are amazing creatures, and very loyal.

        Enjoy Art as a puppy and look forward to having a life-long friend.

        All the best



  4. Beautiful pictures of the woods Marian! and I thought that my pictures were beautiful, I change my mind of seeing yours:)
    and nice dog you have.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I also love your new avatar.


    • No need to change your mind about your pictures, Mirella – they’re beautiful in their own right. I was lucky to have my phone on me that morning, so that I could capture some of the atmosphere. It’s beautiful to see you can relate to it, too!
      And thank you for the avatar feedback, too:)


  5. Shelly says:

    Loved this post and reading your other recent posts. Your words are like poetry and I love poetry. To answer your question, Rosco, the pug, would love meeting your dog. He loves bigger dogs and loves to play with them.


    • Love how you relate to Rosco as the pug! It sounds like an honorary title, which I’m sure it is:) Great news he loves bigger dogs – Art is completely fascinated by smaller ones.
      Thank you for the wonderful feedback, Shelly. I wasn’t entirely sure if the posts were relatable, so having this amazing reaction from you was a wonderful surprise.


  6. Richard says:

    That looks like a beautiful spot for a stroll.

    Great picture of your dog, a fine animal!



    • Indeed. The great thing about this place is that it’s literally around the corner from where I live now and the great thing about my dog is that it is also the best “trainer” I could have wanted.
      I really appreciate your comment, Richard.
      All the best,


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