the (un)connected.

I’m writing this post in defence of those whose lives unfold in majestic privacy, while others crave views, mentions, clicks, and likes.

To those who can watch the rainfall in awe, while others pose, pretend, and stage the perfect shot.

To those who feel and know what it’s like to read and daydream, looking at nothing, but seeing all in the mind.

Those who look with clear and candid eyes, whose faces shine with bright emotion, whose sentences may be few and far between

but rarely begin with ‘I’.

P.S. The best thing about You is that You do not need any patronising defence online, because you’re happy with whatever you’re doing anyway. ;-)


7 Comments on “the (un)connected.”

  1. annloseva says:

    The biggest challenge for me, both dreadful and luring, is that of writing and thinking with less of that “I”.

    I love your posts, though, and feel fine to start this line with “I”.
    Thank you.


    • Well, the ‘I’ is essential for reflection, among other things, so I do hope you will keep using yours to share your reflections with us, Anna! I, for one, would miss them greatly.
      Thank you for your beautiful comment!


  2. Hana Tichá says:

    I can see that you published this post on August 9. It was the day when I left for a quiet place in the mountains to watch the rainfall in awe, to read and daydream and look at nothing. Now I’m back craving views, mentions, clicks and likes :-). But I know soon I will long for majestic privacy again. This is my life…. Thanks for this beautiful post.

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  3. springcait says:

    There is always something magnetic in your posts making me just stop in the middle of my rush. The rush is actually caused by attempt to catch everything that is going by. I often wonder whether trying to catch everything I end up with nothing. So many ‘I’s here(
    Well, just thanks a lot for your posts

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