GBAS Year 1 English literature presentations

When reality surpasses expectation…

There’s an unlimited capacity to pleasantly surprise, in all of us. When one feels safe enough to show one’s true potential, unforgettable magic happens.

With Year 1 literature presentations at Bilingválne gymnázium Milana Hodžu, Sučany, Slovakia, this happened at a rate higher than I’ve ever experienced both as a teacher and a learner.

Dear Year 1, this is a simple thank you to all of you. Not only for talking about the book of your choice in front of everyone, but also for being so beautifully, wonderfully supportive, appreciative and motivating to one another.

It was a joy to listen to you present, ask and answer questions, give feedback to one another.

You’ve not only shown that you’ve got good English skills to do all this, but that you’ve got keen, observant minds and a desire to share what you think and feel.

More importantly, perhaps, you’ve shown again and again that you’ve got an amazing attitude, a sense of mutual respect, acceptance, and a true spirit of wonderment.

Oh, and, did I mention the disarmingly sharp and wonderful sense of humour?

This can only work between people who know and respect each other.

I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to experience the magic you created and I’m very much looking forward to whatever you surprise us with next time. ;)

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